This Rugged Case Has a Magnetic Attraction

Rokform's cases are dependable and durable, protecting your iPhones from bumps, scratches, and big drops. On top of the patented Rokform protection, these cases all come with unique features that improve how you use your phone. With the release of each new iPhone generation, Rokform cases keep getting better. Now, Rokform is introducing the Rugged Case series for the iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max, the most protective Rokform case yet. Read on to learn more about this ultra durable and shockingly affordable case.

Keep your smartphone safe, secure, and right where you need it with the Rugged Case Series from Rokform. For only $39.99, this durable case does it all. The outer shell is made of an ultra-light polycarbonate, protecting the inner compact resistant core that keeps your iPhone safe from drops. Speaking of drops, the Rugged Case exceeds military drop test standards, so you know your iPhone is in good hands. Each case includes a removable plug, allowing you to switch between multiple twist-lock mounts available on the Rokform website. Lock your iPhone to your car dashboard, bicycle, motorcycle, and more with the wide array of mounts to choose from. 

To get you started on mounts, the Rugged Case includes a Magnetic Roklock Plug. Along with the Neodymium magnet already built into the case, this dual-magnet system is powerful enough to cling to any magnetic surface without damaging what matters most. There's no risk to your cards, cell phone, camera, GPS, or data transfer. Hang your Rugged Case on any magnetic surface and rest easy knowing that your Rugged Case won't let you or your iPhone down.

The Rugged Case Series is available in Black and Gunmetal  for the iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max. At $39.99, the value of these Rugged Cases is hard to beat. What are you waiting for? Pick up your own Rugged Case today and get the benefits of complete Rokfrom protection.

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